Our Foundation Serves Those Recovering after Losing a Baby

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Hello friend,

If you are reading this and have just experienced losing your baby, then I am so sorry you’re here but know you are not alone. You are loved, and your baby is loved. We want to walk with you through this gut-wrenching, soul-shattering, life-altering, never-ending journey.

Our Foundation Serves Those Recovering after Losing a Baby

If you are here as a friend, family member, or support person, we welcome you and thank you for your willingness to learn, share, and walk with those experiencing loss. It’s hard, and it’s brave of you to be here. You matter, and you can make a difference.

My husband and I began this foundation to serve others. After experiencing our own loss in 2015, we have felt God pulling us to serve those like us and help facilitate a platform as a middleman for grieving families and their friends/family who want to help them but don’t know how.

We lost our daughter, Riley, during delivery. My water broke at 25 weeks where I then was admitted on hospital bedrest for the next 5 weeks. At 30 weeks and 2 days, I went into labor. After 16 hours of labor, Riley’s heartbeat dropped, and we were whisked away for an emergency c-section. Riley was stuck in my pelvis, and the doctors and nurses could not get her out in time. It was the hardest, most isolating, lost time in our lives.

Since 2015, we have met so many families who have had a range of experiences all resulting in losing their baby. It’s a club that no one wants to be in, but there is an overwhelming amount of love, community, support, and hope found here. That’s what we want you to find in this foundation. It’s about holding hands with each other, crying with you on the bad days, finding a smile on the decent ones, choosing joy in the smallest of things, and living life after loss with the promise in mind that we are one day closer to seeing our babies again.

Big hugs and so much love,