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Who We AreMatt and Dani Mong met in Florida, moved to Chicago and have been married since August 2014. Shortly after they were excited to find out they were expecting their first child. They moved from Chicago to their current city, Charlotte, NC. The pregnancy was going well until 25 weeks when Dani’s water broke and was admitted to the hospital on bedrest. At 30 weeks and 2 days Dani went into labor. For 16 hours she labored until the baby’s heartbeat began to drop. It was then that she was rushed in for an emergency c-section. The doctors discovered that the baby was stuck in Dani’s pelvis. Despite all their efforts including one nurse even breaking her collar bone and the NICU team trying for 15 mins it was too late. It was December 6, 2015 and they had lost their daughter, Riley Lynn Mong. Since then they have had a heart to walk with others who are also missing their angel babies and learning to live with that immense loss. While they had a great support system there is nothing that fills that void and absence in their life. The Mong’s were able to have two more children: Lucas and Avery, but Riley’s presence is forever missed in their family. Their desire if to be there for others who are beginning their nightmare of losing their baby and starting their grief journey.

For the past 7 years they have annually hosted a Celebration of Angels and participated in the Wave of Light to honor and remember angel babies and their families. They have sent out packages, books, gifts and emotionally supported families in hopes to let them know they are not alone, there is life after loss and you can carry your baby with you in it. After much thought, prayer and time they founded the One Day Closer Foundation in 2022. Their hope is that this platform and support can become a source of hope and comfort to other families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss during their time of need.

Currently, the Mongs still live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matt owns a commercial cleaning company that serves both the Charlotte area and Greenville, South Carolina. Dani is a stay-at-home mom who focuses on running, growing, and expanding the reach of the foundation. They find peace, comfort and their girl in the outdoors especially the beach.